Our Story

Revere, as a company, is about that robust and diverse network of trustworthy and smart individuals – that shift into the future of real estate – and we are the information and intelligence brand at the center of it.

We launched in July 2020 in the midst of the global health pandemic and recession, with the goal to revolutionize the $250 billion global brokerage and services industry and to become the daily homepage for commercial real estate professionals.

With 20+ years of equity, credit, and real estate experience, we understand the pain avoided when equipped with the right technology, business and capital markets insights, access to key decision makers, and asset price discovery.

“Reputation is your most important asset. Everything you do, everything you say, is a part of the permanent record. Your name reflects your character.” — Sam Zell

Our Purpose

Revere's mission is to put more information, data, and analytics at people’s fingertips more quickly and accurately than they could otherwise get it to support valuation and decision-making.

By connecting, integrating, and organizing real estate data hidden within siloed and disparate legacy systems, Revere empowers owners to make smarter decisions faster, drive down transaction costs, and take power from gatekeepers and give it back to the community.

Democratizing real estate data is at the heart of Revere's model.

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We’re an Experienced Team of Technology and Capital Markets Professionals Improving the Status Quo

We are a dynamic team that brings unique perspectives to the industry. We come from all walks of life, including the investment banking, trading, technology, and real estate industries.

  • headshot of Fred Krom

    Fred Krom

    CEO & Founder

    Leadership DeBartolo Group VP Goldman Sachs Duke University

  • headshot of Mark Hammitt

    Mark Hammitt

    CFO & Founder

    PM George Weiss VP Royal Bank of Canada University of Michigan

  • headshot of Pranav Sathyanarayanan

    Pranav Sathyanarayanan

    Head of Engineering

    Senior Software Engineer Google Software Engineer Bloomberg Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • headshot of Ryan Delaney

    Ryan Delaney

    Principal Engineer

    Software Engineer Google Software Engineer Microsoft Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • headshot of Ellen Widerski

    Ellen Widerski

    Senior Engineer

    Software Engineer Google Luther College

Values We Live By